Configuration multi modules in Zend Framework

1. Create the basic structure for the application

2. Create a detailed structure for each module (Admin & Default)

3. Configuration file application\index.php

4. Configuration file application\.htaccess

5.Install file contains application configuration application\configs\application.ini

6. Set the file contents application\layouts\layout.phtml

7. Create initialization files for all applications application\Bootstrap.phpl

8. Create files initializate for Admin module application\modules\admin\Bootstrap.php

9. IndexController inclusion of the Admin module - application\modules\admin\controllers\IndexController.php

10. Show indexAction content in the Admin module IndexController

- application\modules\admin\views\scripts\index\index.phtml

11. Create files initializate for Default module application\modules\default\Bootstrap.php

12.Inclusion of Default IndexController module - application\modules\default\controllers\IndexController.php

13. Display the contents of the Default IndexController indexAction in module

- application\modules\default\views\scripts\index\index.phtml

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